Top 21 GENUINELY Useful Tech Gifts for Anyone!

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So, Every Christmas season, I usually see my peers doing the, you know, “Christmas haul type thing” Where they show off all the cool stuff they got for the holidays, And, as a kid, I got quite jealous But, as I’ve gotten older, I’m still a kid, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how wasteful having many things is if you’re not actually going to use them So, for today’s article, The top 21 tech items that are actually useful to you for Christmas divided into 7 sections Let’s go over the list Alright, first on the list is wearables, starting with the Fidelo Minimalist Slim Wallet So, you know those times when you want to go somewhere, but you don’t want to bring your entire wallet? Well, you use this product It’s a minimalist card wallet, so you only carry the few things that you need On top of that, it’s RFID-blocking, so you don’t need to worry about someone scanning your valuables unknowingly Speaking of valuables, you don’t want to lose them So, you can get the Tile 4-pack Tile is a bluetooth device tracker, and, in this perfect Christmas gift, you get four tags: One for you phone, wallet, keys, etc. And the third item: we got a unique one magnetic laces When making this list, I tried to find things that you would wear to save some time, and we got these: So, you don’t need to constantly bend down for long to tie your shoes. Now, next section, Health & Fitness A lot of people, I’ve realized, struggle with exercise because it’s not fun for them, but this might help The Stealth Core Trainer You play games on your phone while planking It seems interesting and it might actually be fun But, if you do buy this, make a schedule. This will become junk if you stop using it in a week Next, think of a FitBit, but cooler The Bodimetric CIRCUL Sleep and Fitness Ring It’s a ring for you finger! And a health monitor It can check your vital signs and leave room for fancier watches Very cool. but, looking at these reviews, it might not be all sunshine and rainbows So, take that into consideration before buying this Lastly, for this section, I got a g*n Not an actual *pew pew It’s a massage g*n If you workout for extended periods of time consistency, It is likely that you will get tight muscles here and there A massage g*n might help with that by relieving tension in the right spot Next, Daily Life Maintenance We got an automatic, phone-connectable pet feeder Now, this can save you especially if you’re outside of the house for an extended period of time, or if you have roommates who like to snack and those pets and roommates might make a little bit of a mess so that’s where this automatic vacuum comes into play We’ve already heard of the Roomba, but it’s a little expensive, so maybe Let’s start with this for our Christmas list And, on top of that vacuum for your floors, Here’s one for your desk: Those snacks might get a little messy on top of your table, so here’s a little cheap solution Quick caution, though, it does take disposable batteries, so it might be a little bit of money sink. Now onto your desk setup, I originally wanted these… Mac-scented candles you know, the Apple computer-scented candles but, unfortunately, they are not for sale anymore, and they, honestly, probably weren’t very useful So, instead, I recommend these cable organizers We all could use some better cable management, so why not start before the new year? Additionally, before this new year, especially for my college fellas, please take care of your wrists Get a wrist pad so you don’t develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is a very painful condition Lastly, for you desk, Have you ever wanted a place to store your daily items, such as your phone, your watch, your wallet, etc? Well, here’s an organizer It’s pretty cool and can probably fit all of your devices, but it is a little bit expensive, so here’s another one that’s a little bit cheaper Also, you can probably 3D print this is you’re really adventurous Now, next, we have general tech devices I didn’t want to be too general with this, but if you really do need them, Let’s talk about them First, a Kindle we all should be reading some of us, including me, should be reading more It’s one of the best ways to learn, And having a Kindle is definitely convenient, so you don’t have to carry a book with you Next, we have a smart plug A pretty simple device You plug it into the wall, connect it to your phone, and then you can turn on those Christmas lights whenever you want Lastly, can’t forget about a general computer The M1 MacBook Air A lot of people want it, but remember, Don’t just buy something because you want it; buy it because you need it Next, accessories for you devices I would recommend this Kindle strap, so you can walk while you’re reading That’s how I get my steps in Now, of course, because the Mac you just purchased does not come with enough storage, I also recommend getting an external SSD Yep. This is the one I use. It’s great There are probably some other cool ones out there too On top of that, With the re-release of MagSafe with the new MacBook Pros, I included the magnetic charger, which is like a makeshift MagSafe for your new laptop It’s pretty cool and can probably stop you from snagging your new device If you have a tendency to do that And, lastly, the coolest section of the article… The Cool Stuff We got toilet bowl lights Yes, at night, when you need to pop a squat, rest assured, you will not miss because of these lights Speaking of not missing, This is a natural wake up alarm clock, mimicking a normal day cycle with lights This should probably help with your morning wake ups, but No promises A healthy sleep schedule is definitely better, but I’m one to talk… Lastly, for those who want a nice, warm beverage for this coming winter season, Here’s a mug warmer It’ll keep things nice and cozy And, hopefully, that’s how we’ll feel for Christmas with these new gadgets And, that’s everything. This was quite the list to write, but I hope you found what you were looking for This article will hopefully be uploaded on my 21st birthday, November 20, hence the “21 Useful Tech Items” So, here’s to another good year I’ve linked other good articles for you to check out in the description as well And, if you didn’t already know, My name is Cyrus, It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter.” Thank you very much for reading, good luck with your purchase, and have a wonderful day!