The TOP 22 BEST Tech Christmas Gifts For ANYONE

Alright, let’s go over genuinely useful Christmas gifts you can give to your loved ones… or yourself I’ve got 22 items to talk about, so let’s go over the list First on the list, we have daily items These are gadgets you’ll use in your daily life that’ll be super beneficial for you With number 1 being a portable changing bank Yeah, most everyone needs one at some point, especially if you’re on the go a lot I recommend this one from Anker It’s got enough power to charge your phone and for you to not worry about it But, there are also many others that you can check out as well And next for the daily items, we’ve got a duo Here, we have the Apple AirTags A fairly economical solution to losing your everyday items by attaching them to these little bluetooth trackers, one of those daily items being a good pair of headphones And here I recommend AirPods because they’re pretty convenient You just pop one into your ear, and they’re super easy to carry A lot of people love them, and they’re very nice And speaking of nice, we have a dash cam Yeah, this is something we all need but we really don’t think about You should own a dash cam There are a lot of incidents that happen on the road, and having your own personal documentation of it can be a real life-saver I recommend this one. It can satisfy your needs and cover your butt in case of an incident So in terms of top priority, I definitely would put a dash cam at the top of the list And next on the list, we have home devices with a fairly similar theme… Let me show you what I mean First, we have the Echo Dot This will act sort of as your “home base” for your smart home, coordinating timers, alarms, voice commands, etc. But in my opinion, smart home devices can be a little gimmicky… unless paired together So with Amazon Alexa’s smart home capabilities and voice commands, I also recommend getting a smart plug This will allow you to control certain lamps and devices in your house just by speaking to Alexa So, super convenient On top of that, I also suggest a smart button Now, I know what you’re going to say… “What the heck is a smart button?” And, yeah, when researching for this video, I was surprised to learn that a lot of people use these And actually need them But, yeah, it’s a button that you can program commands to that’s also controlled by Alexa So, it can do multiple things just by different taps, holds, etc. So, it’s pretty cool With these home devices, though, I would recommend buying them together or having a plan with your purchase Having a smart home is really rad, but you gotta make sure it synergies together And speaking of synergy with your potentially new smart home, let’s talk about vacuums for a second here Now, I know it might sound a little weird, but an automated vacuum can actually save you a lot of time, especially for a large room That’s why I’d say it’d be best to get something like the Eufy by Anker, which can be paired with your Alexa So, it works very well with the previous section And you can also et the Roomba if that’s your style And on the topic of style, you ever woken up with style? Well, with the next item, you can This is the sunrise alarm clock, which, allegedly, allows for a more natural-feeling wake up I, personally, have experienced some awful early mornings So if you’re someone like me, maybe this will help you be a little more productive And lastly, something that’s a little more safety-focused is a smart lock Now, I know that it can be a little expensive, but having a door that can unlock by your fingerprint, can be a real lifesaver But, it is just a lock at the end of the day that’s super cool More on that cool tech, though, I got a few more that I want you to see This is a temperature-controlled mug that I’ve seen a few times here and there It allows for your drink to be kept at the perfect temperature no matter how long it’s been out for Now personally, gosh, if they could make a bowl version of this, I’d love it But, the mug version is great too, especially for the holiday season hot cocoas On top of that, since drones have been getting cheaper and cheaper, it seems now is the time to buy one This is a relatively affordable drone for you or your family to play around with and get some cool footage I’ve seen many people fly drones around on campus, and they seem pretty rad But what’s really rad is a Raspberry Pi These are a little less “casual” of purchases, but they definitely are cool Raspberry Pis are little computers that you can program to do practically anything you want They’re super helpful in a lot of ways, and I’m sure, especially for the younger folks, this is a great way to let them be creative So, definitely check them out But going back to things for us older fellas that work as desks all day, What better upgrade to your setup than a good mouse There are many you can purchase, ranging from the cheapest options to crazy expensive ones And this year, I would recommend the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 It’s small, light, and portable But since this video isn’t sponsored or anything, here are some other good options as well Now for your desk, you should have some sort of notebook, right? You want to look like an executive after all, right? So then, how about a reusable smart notebook? This is the RocketBook. I’ve talked about this device in the past, and I think it’s great It’s like a whiteboard, but a notebook It has multiple pages you can use, transfer to your PC, and then erase once you’re finished It’s super rad tech and not too pricey either But for the pens, those might rack up a little expense over time, so watch out for those And lastly, for your desk, I recommend a nice microphone There are many you can choose. I rock the Blue Yeti, but here are some other good ones you can check out as well You want to make sure you sound good in your Zoom calls, right? Then, let’s you get a good mic to pair with your great voice And to be used on your desk, let’s talk about some actual centerpiece devices First, a laptop. I recommend getting the M2 MacBook Air It covers most people’s needs with great performance and a good weight profile And on top of that, it can surely compliment the second device I recommend, the iPad Air Using the M1 Chip, the iPad Air is extremely speedy and can pair very well with the Mac, being able to share text messages and documents with each other But if you already have devices for your desk, here’s more of an accessory that you might like: A Kindle If you like reading, a single handheld device that can store books might be the move for you You can travel with it easily and you don’t need to worry about it weighing you down too much And finally, I’ve got 3 more items that, if you haven’t found one yet, I guarantee that you’ll find one thing that you like First, an electric toothbrush Yes, I know you might think this is lame, but your hygiene is so important And trust me, you don’t want to mess with tooth pain After dealing with awful wisdom tooth pain for a whole month, that although wasn’t caused by hygiene, I would one hundred percent recommend that you avoid that as much as possible So yes, first an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth thoroughly Next, I’d suggest some hand warmers For the winter season, we’re getting some cold weather, and these poppies will surely help you out, especially when your hands start freezing They’re reusable, rechargeable, and hand-savable So, consider those too And lastly, this is kind of an oddball, but a car wheel brush Yeah, I found this gadget and realized how convenient it would be to own one If you didn’t know, you should be cleaning your car wheels every now and again And typically, it’s a pretty arduous task with a bucket and a brush But with this, you just need to connect your hose and go to town, so a bit more convenient So for the last time, definitely make sure to check that out And that was my quite varied list of useful tech gifts for this Christmas season This video will hopefully be updated on my 22nd birthday on November 20th Hence, the title So, here’s to another great year I hope you found something you need and like with this list, and I hope to see you again soon .