The NEW Surface Pro 9! Everything You Need to Know about the 2022 Surface Pro Leaks

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Alright, let’s talk about the Surface Pro 9, a laptop that’s due for a new release announcement, with some cool and neat features So, let’s go over the raw stats The Surface Pro is Microsoft’s premium 2-in-1 laptopy tablet that’s both super practical and super rad, with the 9th iteration rumored to follow suit, either having the same price as last year’s model or being priced at $1,200, which does seem kinda high to be honest, especially since the last one started $100 lower But we’ll see what happens. Let’s keep going For the form factor, we’re going to see a similar design from last year, including a 13.5 inch, 120Hz display that looks glorious But in addition to that, we’re also rumored to get some fancy new colors… Interesting… okay Now, what else? Right, so in terms of connectivity, something that I constantly complain about with the Surface Pro 8, it’s likely going to be the same here, which is not great, and it should be improved upon, especially since even Apple is adding more ports to its PCs, but I digress Now with this new laptop, we of course get the option to use it with the Surface Pen, which we’ll probably see at least some incremental or maybe even big updates for There’s not much information on this one, but know that you’ll be pleased with this pen as usual And for cameras, again, same story will be adequate for your needs But the real meat and potatoes will be the internal specs There is a lot of information on this Firstly, we’ll be seeing the new 12th Gen Intel Processors with this, which, thankfully, given that last year’s model had a terrible battery life, this one will see an improvement from this chipset, which is far more power-efficient And here are the likely benchmarks: Additionally, it is rumored that we will see a new, more tabletly version of this laptop as well Yeah, there will possibly be two different versions of the Surface Pro 9, one with Intel processors and the other with ARM-based ones These ARM-based processors are like phone or tablet CPUs, which can also provide some good performance and great battery lives And with this version, we might even see a 5G Surface Pro Very nice But, again, these are all rumors, so we’ll see if that’s the case Either way, the Surface pro 9 will have great processors and performance And speaking of great, I’ve got some really good news For the Surface Pro 8, we had a big issue with storage And by big, I mean the storage was… small It started with 128 gigabytes, which is absolutely terrible But this year’s model might start with 256 which is, yeah, still not great. I know But, it’s an improvement, and we’ll take what we can get with this one But if you want more, you can always get an external SSD Now, what about that battery? Thankfully, the new 12th Gen Intel Processors will give it a leg up here from the last generation, but a better battery would be appreciated too And, finally, when’s the release date of this device? It is rumored that Microsoft will announce the new 2-in-1 tablety laptop On Wednesday, October 12 at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time Yes, very specific. I know, I am But, it still is a rumor and it can be released later But, keep your eyes peeled. We might be pleasantly surprised with this At least, I hope But, now let’s get on to my verdict So, what do I think of this new Surface Pro? Well, honestly, it’s pretty good. Don’t get me wrong But, it does seem that the new features are a little bit diet-sized, don’t you think? Like it seems as though the laptop’s upgrades are pretty modest this year, sharing the same design language as last year’s model Which, again, isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t something to get too hyped about It’s just like a typical machine at this point But, look, one of the things I’ve realized over the many years I’ve been obsessed over tech is, at the end of the day, these cool, new things are just tools They’re machines that are first focused on getting you through your day’s worth of work, especially the producitivity-focused ones, the ones that I talk about So, maybe it is nice that it doesn’t generate a lot of hype because it’s just a good, well put together laptop And perhaps that’s what Microsoft is doing with this year’s generation Believe it or not, the Surface Pro 8 was a big success for Microsoft, but it did cause some issues for the company The battery life, in particular, has been a sore spot for the Surface lineup So, if this laptop can resolve that issue first, then Microsoft can move forward and release its more hype-producing Surface Pro 10 next year, which will generate a ton of buzz if marketed correctly So, should you buy this laptop? Well, if you need it now or whenever it releases, yeah. Get it. Like I said, it’s a tool at the end of the day If you need it, buy it But if you don’t need it, I’d recommend waiting until the 10th gen one releases, and I’m sure you’ll be more impressed My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day! Peace.