The NEW M2 iPad Pro! Everything You Need to Know about the 2022 iPad Pro Leaks

Alright, we are just one month away from the alleged Apple October event with some new leaks to run through This is the M2 iPad Pro and here’s everything you need to know as fast as possible So, let’s go over the raw stats The iPad Pro is Apple’s most premium tablet, sporting an incredible processor and also display technology With the M2 version looking to most-definitely deliver on that with a starter price of, hopefully, $800 Now, there is the potential for a price hike due to inflation But given that Apple’s been able to maintain its iPhone prices, we’ll be optimistic with this one Let’s go on to the next section Form factors! The new iPad Pro will continue to run in two sizes, the 11-inch model and the 12.9-inch one Now, there have been rumors that the 11-inch model will receive MiniLED, which is the super good-looking screen tech in the 12.9 inch version But, other leaks have said otherwise So, we’ll see what happens for the 11-incher But if that ends up happening, man, I need to get an iPad Pro Now one thing to note, though, is that these might not be the only iPad Pros releasing Allegedly, there’s a third model as well, which will be far bigger than the others It likely won’t release in October But, man, it will be massive 14 inches So, keep your eyes peeled even though it won’t be that easy to hide Anyway, back to these tablets, they will of course sport Pro Motion, which is a high refresh rate display And of course a Liquid Retina screen Now, one thing that leakers have been thinking about is… What about a redesign? We just saw the iPhone debut the new Dynamic Island, so what about the iPad? Well, frankly, I personally don’t like the idea of a notch on an iPad because it may get in the way of things Unlike with a Mac, the tablet needs a full canvas Unless we’re talking about that new 14-inch iPad, the screens on these two iPad Pros don’t have that much space to be covered, so we’ll see But per the leakers, it doesn’t seem like there will be too much of a redesign, so let’s keep going For connectivity, there won’t be anything different on the iPad itself, but there may be a change somewhere else There are two parts to this section One, yeah, we’re keeping the USB-C charging, which is great And two, the Apple Pencil might see some minor upgrades, especially since the new iPad 10 will allegedly sport it Some new haptic feedback maybe? We’ll see Not too much has been covered on it, so let’s not get too excited… yet And for cameras, yes, we’re still going to have the amazingly overkill setup But, that’s okay because the iPad Pro is made to cover every need Because it’s for the pros And speaking of covering every need, we have to talk about the new M2 Chip Yes, the laptop processor that’s put into a tablet Now will it be high-performing? Absolutely. Even higher than the M1 iPad Pro, which was already overkill And I believe that if Apple wants to sell more iPad Pros, It should take full advantage of that new processor It really should integrate more MacOS features into the tablet And really make the iPad Pro more of a laptopy tablet, like a somewhat 2-in-1 And we’ll talk about this in a little bit But anyway, to show you the insane performance, Here are the likely benchmarks of this device: Now for storage, don’t expect anything amazing It will probably be the same as last year huh It would be nice to start with a bit more, but that’s Apple for you And, finally, let’s discuss this release date Now that we’ve gotten the iPhone event out of the way and there were no iPads shown, It’s expected that we’ll see another event in October But, some leakers are going back and forth on whether that will be an actual event or just a press release But either way, if there is one, the event will not only cover new iPads, but also new MacBooks, desktop Macs, etc It will be a fun, productivity-focused event with a lot of new stuff, including the iPad Pro However, remember that this is still a rumored device announcement So, we’ll see if Apple announces this device in October or maybe a little later on But, anyway, let’s get on to my verdict So, what do I think of the new iPad Pro Well, I gotta say, although it doesn’t seem like anything too special by the spec sheet, I’m very tempted I’m a big iPad guy and, if you couldn’t tell by the channel, I like tech and I really like tablets They’re fun to use, great for studying, and taking notes And the iPad Pro is absolutely no exception It is the epitome of a fantastic tablet However, it is also the epitome of an extremely expensive one The iPad Pro is great because it can do so much, record articles, why did I start with that, take notes, edit articles, etc However, it can’t really replace a laptop yet And that’s my main gripe with it Now, I’m not asking for a fully replacement. But, if it’s so expensive, could you at least take some of the features from a laptop and just plop it in there? And really take advantage of your M2 Chip Please, Apple? This is where the iPad Pro competitor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, really shines because it can be used in either tablet mode or laptop mode It’s a 2-in-1 Now, I get why Apple doesn’t make its own 2-in-1s It would hurt the company’s bottom-line by having products compete with each other And overlap each other You know the whole, “Why buy a laptop AND a tablet when you could just buy something that’s both?” Apple doesn’t want that because people will buy less Apple products overall But if Apple could just do something by adding more apps and more personality to iPadOS, more people would consider buying iPads Because as it stands for most students, especially, they must buy a laptop first and then a tablet second That’s how it is But with improved compatibility and new features, maybe a tablet would suffice for the future And if that’s the case, more people will jump from other companies’ offerings to the iPad Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick little leak rundown of the new M2 iPad Pro There will likely be more information thrown at you within the coming weeks With some, hopefully, fun and exciting leaks as well So, here’s hoping that the device announcement will be just as exciting as well My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day! Peace.