The NEW iPad 10! Everything You Need to Know about the Leaked 2022 iPad

Over the past few months, there have been many rumors about this new 10th Gen iPad, with some claiming that there will be crazy new features with it while others say “not so much” So in this article, I’m going to be doing more of a leak roundup, giving you as much information as I possibly can So, let’s talk about it The iPad is Apple’s famous entry-level tablet, being known for its incredible price to performance ratio, being both affordable and speedy And this new iPad 10 will definitely have all those qualities, but everything’s a little fuzzy The pricing, in particular, might be increased Originally, it did start at $329 But as a result of inflation, it could go as high as 400 But, it’s unclear I’m hoping that Apple keeps the $330 price tag, but we’ll see Now, one thing that everyone’s been talking about with this new iPad… is its redesign What will this thing look like? Well, I’ve got good news and bad First, the good It will, allegedly, get a redesign, with the square sides just like the more premium Air and Pro iPads And it’ll look great! But, for the screen, It will be the same thing Home button and all Now like I said, all this information is based on leaks, so don’t take it as law But, it does seem that this new form factor change won’t be as drastic as one may hope Additionally, it may be bigger than the last generation But, but, but, we do get a good feature that everyone’s been clamoring about USB-C charging! Thank goodness! No more Lightning Port Being able to use one charger for all of our devices will be incredible… Now we just gotta wait for the iPhone to follow suit But, unfortunately, with this new redesign, we lose the greatest thing of all… The headphone jack Yeah, the last iPad that still had it is rumored to lose it this year So sad Now, with this new redesign and such, we also get a new stylus… Well, kinda The iPad originally used the infamous Apple Pencil Gen 1 which is known for its terrible charging scheme But, with the new design, we get to use the new and improved Gen 2 Good stuff For cameras, as you might’ve noticed, there is a new hump on the back That’s allegedly for the new flash to be used for taking photos, which is pretty rad And speaking of rad, the internal specs The iPad 10 is rumored to sport the A14 Bionic Chip, which is the super speedy processor in the iPhone 12, which, yeah, was released a couple years back But, it will be more than enough for this device Additionally, it is rumored to support 5G if you pay extra for cellular Now, for storage, don’t expect anything amazing It will just be adequate for the starter model And upgrading it might cost a pretty penny But if you want longevity, you might have to bite the bullet And, lastly, let’s discuss this release date because it’s a little bit… complicated? There have been many rumors about this device being announced during the September event for the iPhone, which seem credible It happened last year with the iPad 9, so why not this year? Well, other sources have said that, since iPadOS 16 has been delayed to October, the iPad will follow suit, which is a fair argument For me, personally, I don’t think that slight one month difference will really affect that many people It’s just the lack of clarity that I have an issue with I’d like to give you the straightest answer possible So for right now, unfortunately, The release will range from September to October So, what do I think of this new iPad? Well, frankly, I don’t think this is anything crazy, especially considering that this is the 10th Generation iPad You think there’d be more, especially considering the iPhone 10 was crazy with its redesign But, I do get it You don’t want to put a lot of innovation into your starter model because it’ll make your more expensive options look sub-par It’s bad for business So if this device releases in October, it might come out with a new iPad Pro, and that might have the nice and new redesign We’ll see Now if the tablet does share the same price with the current one, $330 I think that’s just a steal Yeah, we lose the headphone jack, but we do get this far better design and compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2 There’s a lot to be gained with this new iPad However, if there is a new price hike, we’ll see whether it’s worth it Because there are features that this iPad won’t have that its other, more expensive M1-powered tablets do, such as the rumored external display support Does that really matter for most people? No, not really But for someone who does want to be able to do anything and everything, that’s something to keep in mind You will be limited Overall, though, we’ll see what happens when this device releases Will it be a happy surprise? Maybe But even if it’s a little disappointing, we’ll talk about it and just try to have some fun My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day! Peace.