The BEST 2 in 1 Laptops of 2022

So, in 2022, we have seen a lot of 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrids, some that are unique, budget-friendly, etc. And, they’re all great But, for most people, some are better than others So, we’re going over the top 2-in-1s that are, in my opinion the best for students and most people in general So, let’s go over the list So, starting off, we’ve got the best budget 2-in-1, and that goes to the Surface Go 3 With its great design, build quality, and surprisingly okay connectivity.

it’s a fantastic budget 2-in-1 device And, in regard to who I’d recommend this for, though It is best used as a companion to your setup, rather than your primary work device Because its performance is average But, you can still get a ton of work done on it, such as with taking notes So, it’s great for students who have another laptop as well Or, if you really want this to be your primary laptop, just take note that the starter model of this device is held back a little bit performance-wise.

so make sure you spec it out to your needs Now, also in this category, I want to talk about the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook as well, which is, yes, a ChromeBook, meaning you won’t get the freedom of Windows, but, as is common with Chromebooks, The IdeaPad Duet has incredible battery life So, if you want a companion to your setup that will last… multiple days, definitely check this one out as well Now, in terms of the most versatile, or most creative, artist-focused 2-in-1, I gotta talk about the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, which is a modular laptop that can kinda convert to an easel or a tablet So, it’s great for creatives, or those who just want to draw with their device It’s super versatile and high-performing You can even configure it with a dedicated GPU, so it can handle most programs that you want to run, and it will not disappoint However, it is a little pricey, so keep that in mind And this section, for my Apple lovers.

is the best laptopy tablet The M1 iPad Pro is a mostly tablet that can do some of the things that a laptop can, such as edit articles or photos, which it does especially well with the performance of the M1 Chip And it is still probably one of the best devices for artists because of its Apple Pencil integration On top of that, its usability with other Apple products… is just unbeaten So, I’d recommend the M1 iPad Pro for those who want an Apple device primarily And, with that said.

now let’s get onto my more well-rounded devices First, let’s go over the runner-up for the best all-rounder device This is the HP Spectre x360, one of the best 2-in-1s on the market that can certainly be argued as the best one because of its great screen, good performance, and overall premium design But the issue that I have with it… is that its battery life is not amazing, and it’s surpassed by our best overall device on average Additionally, it is a little expensive and bit heavy, making it inconvenient and cumbersome for the typical consumer Even then, though, if you prefer the HP Spectre x360 over my number 1 pick, go for it And, and, and in this section.

we also have the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5, which has fairly reasonable specs for a fairly reasonable price It’s a great all-rounder, but it suffers from a poor screen and some quality control issues But, it’s still a good 2-in-1 at its price point And, while we’re at it, one more runner-up The Lenovo Yoga 9i A great device that has a lot going for it in terms of premium quality and features However, it is expensive It does go on sale quite often, but for retail, it is a bit too pricey So, keep that in mind, but it’s still a good 2-in-1 And, now, for my overall best device, there are 2 I decided to include both of these devices depending on your needs And, of course.

my experience with them These being the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 First, let’s talk about the Surface Pro 8 It’s a great all-rounder 2-in-1 For the typical student and buyer, it’s got everything you want plus more A great weight, portability, and premium build On top of that, it’s got great pen integration, so you can take notes on it very well The only drawbacks for it would be its lack of a dedicated GPU and its connectivity But, with that said, I would recommend this PC for those who want a more “tablety” device Now, if you want a more “laptopy” computer.

I would recommend you get the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 This one is quite similar to the HP Spectre x360, and it actually has fewer speakers and security features But, it’s lighter and has a better battery life Plus, it has the added bonus of good integration with other Samsung devices So, it’s a great device overall, and you won’t be disappointed with it Whew, that was the list Overall, though, I hope this helps with your purchase If you know of any other 2-in-1s and would like to tell me, please feel free to do so in the comment section down below Thank you very much for Reading, good luck with your purchase, and have a wonderful day!