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So, I hope you enjoy Alright, tablety laptop vs laptopy tablet The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 vs Apple M1 iPad Pro For general comparison, we’ll go over the raw stats first, and then I’ll give my opinions on them after So, let’s go over the raw stats First, let’s discuss the externals For pricing, the Surface Pro 9 starts at $1,000 for the regular version and $1,300 for the 5G model While the iPad Pro starts at $800 for the small version and $1,100 for the larger one Now, as usual, it’s expected that both of these are eligible for students discounts to varying extents But since the Surface Pro 9 is so new, that isn’t the case just yet So, keep that in mind. Let’s keep going For sizes, the Surface Pro 9 is 13 inches with some good-looking bezels to boot and a 120Hz display, which look great together In addition, the Surface Pro 9 sports a useful kickstand And with its keyboard, the device has a nice way to store the Slim Pen 2 On the other hand, the iPad Pro has two size options, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models And with these two different versions, we also have two different screens The display is 120Hz for both versions Plus MiniLED and high peak brightness for the top of the line model, which are super rad and some of the best screen technology put on a tablet And for connectivity, both devices are… adequate But, neither is really great in this category But, there is a winner The Surface Pro 9 has a couple USB-C ports and the Surface Connect Port Additionally for the 5G option, it has a SIM port as well While for the iPad Pro, it only has a single USB-C, so you’ll definitely need a dongle for accessories And now for cameras, both devices will satisfy most people’s needs, and one will probably satisfy everyone’s The Surface Pro 9 has two cameras, one in the front and one in the rear The front camera is 1080p and the rear one can record at 4K, so definitely enough for most people But, the iPad Pro has three different lenses, a wide, an ultra wide, and a LIDAR scanner, which allows for it to record at 4K and cover a large space and also be helpful for those who use AR tech It also comes with Apple’s Center Stage feature, which keeps you in frame as you move around, which is something that Microsoft also has adopted in the Surface line So, phew, both impressive We might not use everything, but still cool to have So all in all for externals, the Surface Pro 9 has better connectivity and a few neat features And the iPad Pro has a better display and camera setup Now, let’s move on to the internals For the internal specs, the Surface Pro 9 sports the new 12th Gen Intel Processors for the regular model, which are very speedy and high-performing But for the 5G version, on the other hand, it will be running a new ARM-based processor, code signed by Microsoft and Qualcomm There’s not too much information on this one, however, so I can’t about its performance much If I were to guess, though, it’s probably good, very high-performing, yes But, not as good as the regular model. Just a hunch, though But, maybe better battery life Meanwhile, the iPad Pro sports the M1 Chip, which is incredibly speedy for this device And here are the single core performances of these device configurations: And here are the multicore: As you can see, the iPad Pro is just a bit faster And for storage, both devices start at 128 gigabytes, which is fairly low But, they can be configured with more at an increasing price And, the Surface Pro 9 is a little bit cheaper than the Surface Pro 8 So at its predecessor’s retail price, the Surface Pro 9 can be configured with 256 gigabytes So, a little improvement there from Microsoft And now for battery lives The Surface Pro 8 was known for not having a great battery with a fairly low average While the iPad Pro gets 10 hours on average and even higher than that for many users The Surface Pro 9, on the other hand, is claiming 15.5 hours for the regular model and 19 hours for the 5G version, Which are great But, since these aren’t tested, I can’t count them in the final scoring of these devices But, that’s good to note And, both the Surface Pro and iPad Pro have facial recognition security software with the Surface Pro sporting Windows Hello and the iPad Pro having FaceID And, finally, for the operating systems, The Surface Pro runs Microsoft Windows 11 while the iPad Pro runs Apple iPadOS Keep in mind that these are two completely different operating systems altogether So, we’ll be discussing that in my verdict But in summary, the iPad Pro has faster internal specs Let’s get on to my verdict So, which device should you buy? A tablety laptop or a laptopy tablet? Right off the bat, I gotta say that these are very different devices, as I’ve stated in a couple other articles A tablety laptop, such as the Surface Pro 9, is a laptop that has some functionality of a tablet, such as with a touchscreen While a laptopy tablet, such as the iPad Pro, has a few features of a laptop, such as the ability to write and edit documents with its keyboard They’re both fairly hybrid devices that can be used in multiple ways, which is very convenient and why I like them Now in my opinion, the Surface Pro does adopt more features from a tablet than the iPad Pro does from a laptop, however, such as the striking form factor But to Apple’s credit, it wants to make the iPad Pro distinct from the MacBook line So given that both these devices are good and have great features, which is better for you? With these device comparisons, I always prefer to focus on your needs first So, which device satisfies those needs? Will you be surfing the web, taking a lot of notes, or drawing? Or will you be perhaps be running a lot of different computer-eske programs? Do you need a primarily tablet experience or more of a computer one? That the bottom-line of this comparison These are two very different devices Going back to what I said previously, they run very different operating systems The Surface Pro runs Windows, a typical computer OS, meaning you can run anything a typical PC can While the iPad Pro runs iPadOS, a mobile-base operating system, meaning you can do anything a typical phone or tablet can So, their core functionalities differ by quite a bit And there are advantages and disadvantages to each option But, which is best for you? Well, I’d say, if you have another computer, get the iPad Pro. It’s faster, has more note taking apps, and is made to be a companion to your main device On the other hand, if you don’t have another computer, I recommend purchasing the Surface Pro 9. It’s a better standalone device and can be used as both your primary laptop and primary tablet But, despite all of this though, I would recommend checking both out at your local Best Buy just to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and especially what you need Overall, though, both the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and Apple iPad Pro are great devices that will satisfy their users You just gotta figure out if you’re one of them My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day! Peace.