Surface Pro 9 Vs Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra | Make it Simple

Microsoft Vs Samsung

Tablety Laptop Vs Laptop Tablet

The Surface Pro 9 Vs Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

For General Comparison,
Let’S Go Over The Raw Stats

First, Externals

The Surface Pro 9 Is Microsoft’S New Tablety Laptop
With Many Features Of A Laptop And Some Features Of A Tablet,

Starting At $1000 For The Regular Model
And $1300 For The 5g Version

While The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is Samsung’S Flagship Tablet
With Some Features That Make It Kinda Act Like A Laptop,

Starting At $1100

But, No 5g Option

And Both Of These Devices Have Accessories
That Are Oftentimes Purchased Together,

So Here Are Their Prices As Well:

With Samsung’S Stylus Actually Being Included In The Starter Price,

So, With This,
They Actually Have Similar Prices

So, Let’S Keep Going

For Form Factor, The Surface Pro 9 Is Very Good,

Sporting A 13-Inch Display With A High Resolution
And Also A 120hz Refresh Rate

And On The Other Hand, The
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Has A Very Good 14.6 Inch Display

With A Very High Resolution
And A 120hz Refresh Rate

Which, Yeah, Okay, Tough Competition,

So The Galaxy Tab Wins This Section

Next For Connectivity, I’D Say
We’Re Fairly Eh For Both Parties

The Surface Pro 9 Does Have More Ports, Yes.
But, For A Computer? Nah

It Doesn’T Even Have A Headphone Jack

But In Comparison To The Galaxy Tab,
Yeah, Okay, The Surface Is Better

The Tab Only Has One Port,
So Not Much Of A Competition

So, The Surface Pro 9 Takes The Cake

And Now For Cameras,
The Surface Pro 9 Has One In The Front And One In The Back

With The Rear Being Able To Record At
4k And The Front At 1080p,

Which Are Very Solid, But The
Tab S8 Ultra Does Pop Off In This Regard

The Samsung Tablet Has Two Lenses In The Front,
Which Are Really Impressive

But They Also Add An Unfortunate Notch To The Display

So, It’S A Give And Take

And It Also Has A Good Setup At The Rear

So While The Surface Pro 9 Has A Good Camera System.
The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is Better

So All In All For The Externals,
The Surface Pro 9 Has Better Connectivity

While The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Has A
Better Display And Camera System

Now, Let’S Talk About The Internals

Starting With The Internal Specs,
The Surface Pro 9 Sports The New 12th Gen Intel Processors,

Which Are Very Speedy And Certainly Enough For Many Professionals

However, It Won’T Be Enough For Everyone,
Such As Those Who Run Graphically-Intense Programs

On The Other Hand, The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Runs The
Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Which Is Very Fast For A Tablet

And Here Are The Singlecore Performance
Benchmarks Of These Device Configurations:

And Here Are The Multicore:

As You Can Tell, The Surface Pro 9 Is A Bit Faster

But, But, But, In The Case Of The 5g Option Of The Surface Pro 9,
It Runs An Arm-Based, More Mobile-Esque Processor,

So, Here Are The Benchmarks Of That As Well:

And As You Can See, The Surface Pro 9 Is Still A Bit Faster

And Now For Storage,
Both Devices Are… Lacking

Now, The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Does Come
With A Microsd Card Slot For Expandable Storage

All While The Surface Pro 9 Has An Upgradable Ssd

So Therefore, Because They Both
Offer Expandable Storage, This Is Actually A Tie

So Then, Let’S Get On To Battery Lives

Thankfully, For This Year, The Surface Pro 9
Does Have An Acceptable Battery Life,

Which Is Great. Thank Goodness.
Last Year’S Was Not So Good

While The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is Okay,
A Little Less Than 10 Hours For Most People

So, Actually, The Surface Pro 9 Does
Slightly Take The Cake In This Regard

And Additionally, Both Tablets Have Security Software

That’Ll Protect Either Device Of Your Choosing

And Finally, For The Operating Systems, The Surface Pro 9 Runs Full Windows 11,
While The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Runs Samsung’S Oneui

Which Means, Yes, Two Completely Different
Operating Systems With Completely Different Quirks

But, One Thing In Particular Real Quick,

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Can Kinda Be
Used Like A Computer Using Samsung Dex

By Attaching It To A Monitor And
Turning It Into A Full-Fledged Desktop

But, The App Support Is Still Not Great

So With That Said, I’Ll Discuss This More In My Verdict,

But We Have Two Very Different Devices With Similar Markets

So, Keep That In Mind

In Summary, Though, The Surface Pro 9
Does Have Faster Internal Specs And A Better Battery Life

Now, Let’S Get On To My Verdict

So, To Get This Started, Let’S Ask The Simple Question For These Devices:

Which One Is Better?

Well That’S, Heh,
A Tough Question

That Really Depends On Your Needs

Because, Like I Previously Said,
These Devices Are Quite Different From Each Other

And Serve Somewhat Different
But Also Somewhat Similar Purposes

So, Here’S The Thing, With These Types Of Comparisons,
You Need To Be Asking Yourself, ‘What Do I Really Need?’

Do You Need A Laptop That Can Sort Of Act Like A Tablet?

That Being The Surface Pro 9

Or A Tablet That Can Just Kind Of Act Like A Laptop?

That Being The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The Surface Pro 9 Is A Good Laptop First

It Can Do Everything A Typical Laptop
Can With A Few “Tablety” Features,

Such As The Touchscreen That Comes
With That Sweet Hybrid Design

However, That Isn’T The Only Thing
That Makes A Tablet A Tablet

It’S Really The Operating System And The Apps

And Windows Is Just Not A Tablet Operating System

On The Other Hand, The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is A Full-Fledged Tablet

Running Android, The Device
Can Do Anything Your Typical Tablet Can Do

Plus A Little More With Samsung Dex
That Can Sorta Turn The Tablet Into A Kinda Laptop

But, You See What I Mean Here?
It’S All About What You Need First

So I’D Say,
If You Want A Laptop First And A Tablet Second,

Get The Microsoft Surface Pro 9

But, If You Want A Tablet First
And Then A Laptop Second,

Get The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

But, Ultimately Though, I Would Recommend
Checking Them Both Out At Your Local Best Buy

Just To Make Sure You’Re Getting What You Want
And Especially What You Need

And That Was My Comparison Between
The Surface Pro 9 And Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.