Samsung’s New Show-Stopping Monitor – ViewFinity S8

So, Samsung just nonchalantly unveiled the ViewFinity S8, which looks to be an incredible monitor It’s a 4K IPS 27 or 32 inch display that’s priced at $558 or $635 respectively Which are converted prices from Korea, meaning they’ll probably be priced slightly different when they release here in the United States Anyway, Samsung is marketing this as a monitor for creatives first, meaning it is most definitely going to have good color accuracy and sharpness Specifically, it’s HDR10+ compatible, meaning it can look real bright and great Plus, it’s both PanTone validated and PanTone SkinTon validated, meaning it has been tested and proven to be extremely color-accurate It’s also 98% DCI-P3, which means it has a great color range Most monitors are about 90-95% DCI-P3, so this one is definitely better And what’s also great is this monitor comes with a stand that is… height adjustable, can tilt, and swivel, and can pivot, which is a feature that, even after many years of innovation, still isn’t adopted by every monitor… So, it’s great to see it on this one Now, one thing that I’m really curious about is how well the ViewFinity S8 compares to the Apple Studio monitor, which is a bit more expensive But, one thing I find really funny about the ViewFinity S8 is its connectivity is actually incredible I mean, all these ports and a USB dock! Samsung, you shouldn’t have, but you should, especially with your other devices Now, also with this device, for those who get headaches because of screens or have these*, Samsung has some good news for you The company claimed that it reduced both flickering and blue light, so you won’t be affected as much Which is something that I haven’t dealt with too much, but it can most-certainly be helpful for those who look at their screens all day, such as, especially, creatives But, that’s all for this monitor so far I’m willing to bet there’s probably going to be some more information about it once it released in the US within the next few weeks But, anyway, thank you very much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day! Peace.