OLED Nintendo Switch Overview: Disappointing

Alright, this week Nintendo announced the OLED Switch, and people are not happy. It will release in October with the following features: A new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display which means each pixel is meticulously controlled, resulting in sharper image quality, better colors, and improved power efficiency. This is accompanied by a larger screen – 7 inches instead of 6.2 for the original. So, better for playing with friends. But, it’s not massive, so it won’t be a hassle to carry around. At the same time, perhaps 7.5-8 inches might’ve felt more substantial. We also have an improved kickstand that covers the entire console, an Ethernet LAN port on the dock for better internet connection, and a black and white colorway. With all of these upgrades, we also retain the same internal specs and joycons. All for $350.00, $50.00 more than original retail Switch. Let’s talk about this I, for one, am an absolute sucker for black and white color schemes. I wear that color combo a lot. Additionally, I like the OLED screen. But, at the same time, that is not enticing enough for me to want to buy a Switch, and I’ve heard that sentiment shared with others. The OLED Switch is the same console as the original, just with a marginally better screen, kickstand, LAN, and some other small features. It’s not a very significant upgrade. And, at a time when many people were expecting a Switch Pro with 4k capability to be released, it has caused many to be disgruntled with the company. This console doesn’t really seem like it’s for current Switch owners. It’s only for those who don’t have the console yet. And that disappointed a lot of dedicated fans. Even, I, someone who doesn’t own a Switch, am not that compelled to purchase this one either. I understand that, given the market situation of the PS5 and the new Xboxes being released, NIntendo needed to announce something fast in order to stay competitive. But, at the same time, is this the best you could do right now? I feel as though there could’ve been a little more incentive added to make me want to buy a Switch. Such as adding more Triple AAA games. I, for one, believe that Nintendo should focus on adding even more 3rd Party games to its consoles. Having triple AAA titles released on the Switch would be a major incentive to those who don’t want to always play the typical Mario, Zelda, or any other Nintendo title. Can you imagine GTA 5 running on the Switch natively? Goodbye, battery life. If that were to be achieved, I think the company would do a lot better than it already has. Yet, Yet, it is a very real possibility that, given the current global chip shortage, and the omnipresence of scalpers, there will still be extremely high demand for this console when it releases in October, meaning that it will be very difficult to purchase. So, Nintendo gets its money hopefully to be reinvested in the next console or something that excites us later on. I’m hoping for the best, and I’m really hoping they re-release this color scheme with the next Switch. But, either way, if you like the console, that’s awesome. If you don’t, that’s cool too. Leave a comment about what you think.. Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day.