NEW M2 Mac Mini! Everything You Need to Know about the 2022 Mac Mini Leaks

Alright, we’re due for a Mac Mini refresh, and it appears that we’re about to get one This is the M2 Mac Mini, and here’s everything you need to know as fast as possible So, let’s go over the raw stats The Mac Mini is Apple’s affordable desktop computer with a great processor and performance to go along with that With the M2 version most definitely not disappointing, topping it off with a price of… Possibly $700. Here’s hoping there aren’t any price hikes But, given that the M2 MacBook Air did have a price increase of $200 with the M2 Chip… Ooh Now, the iPhones, on the other hand, didn’t change prices So, we’ll see. Let’s keep going Form factors! Now, Mac Minis are not really known for their screens because… they don’t have any But given that Mac Minis have been getting thinner and thinner after each generation, we do have something to talk about The older Mac Minis used to have disc drives and whatnot, but those were removed in favor of a thinner, more minimalist design So this year, we can see the Mac Mini getting even thinner with hopefully not many sacrifices And, we can possibly see a new color, too So, relatively exciting stuff there What else? Connectivity For the first time ever for this section, I gotta say… Apple did well Now, it’s not amazing But, the M1 Mac Mini is certainly something to take note of The port selection isn’t half bad And, it’s expected it will carry over Which is great, but I’m hopeful for maybe another USB-C port added on as well And for the internal specs, of course, the meat and potatoes, the M2 Chip Known for being the successor to the already super fast M1, the M2 Chip will be extremely useful for this PC It should be noted that, for power users, in particular, having the M2 Chip in an affordable desktop like this one is so attractive to them It’s so fast compared to many other processors in this same market And that’s quite impressive, especially if Apple keeps improving on it So with that said, here are the likely benchmarks: And now for storage, here comes something I don’t like The starter model comes with 256 gigabytes, which is just way too low It seems ridiculous to be packaging such a well put together, speedy machine with such a low amount of storage I mean, it’s not insulting But for those who will really be taking advantage of this processor, they’ll be running some pretty dense programs So, it would be really nice to see an improvement of this section for this year’s Mac Mini But, realistically, probably for next generation This is something that I hope, for the future, Apple will work on a bit And finally, what’s going on with the release date? Well, I’ll tell you what’s happening Sorry for the change in everything. I recorded this article a little bit in advance Since there was a new iPad announcement this month, it’s likely we won’t see any Mac Mini news in October But, there are rumors for an announcement in November, so keep your eyes peeled for that Now, let’s get on to my verdict So, the M2 Mac Mini. What do I think? It’s great I’ve always been a fan of the Mac Mini They’re affordable desktop computers that virtually anyone can use, really Now the M2 version, like I said, does seem more like an incremental upgrade But, like the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” The M1 Mac Mini is already a beast of a machine from a design standpoint and, of course, internally It can do a lot despite being pretty tiny So if the M2 Mac Mini satisfying all those needs and not break the bank, I’ll be satisfied Now, when this computer releases, who will it be for? Well, anyone, really Like I said, it’s a good no-nonsense machine that isn’t necessarily made for professionals, but can most-certainly be useful for them with its raw performance Now, there are a couple types of individuals that I would not recommend this for, however Following along with my “for professionals” statement on this computer, it might actually not be enough for all of you You might need something a bit higher-performing In which case, I would recommend either the Mac Studio, Mac Pro, or even a Windows PC M2 is very powerful; don’t get me wrong But, you might need something even more than that Additionally, I would not recommend this for students Um, don’t really know how to say this, but you can’t really travel with a desktop computer Now, it has been done before Bruh But, your best bet would be to buy a laptop first to take with you to classes If you’ve got the money to spare afterward, then that’s your prerogative So, overall, the M2 Mac Mini, whenever it releases, will be a no-nonsense, high-performing machine with hopefully a lot of storage as well My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day! Peace.