New iPad Mini 6 – Everything You Need to Know

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Alright Apple’s iPad Mini is great But, It has one catch Is it worth it? We’ve got 6 sections to cover to find out, so let’s go over the raw stats The iPad Mini is Apple’s bit-sized tablet, with, this year, sporting a new, modern design, with the catch of it being $500 While the iPad 9 is $330 Not comparing the two, but let’s see what you get with the iPad Mini for that price Starting with externals! The iPad Mini is 8.3 inches, so small, but portable Plus, it comes with a it comes with a high-resolution, True Tone, fully laminated, fingerprint-resistant display Very cool. What’s not cool, though, is connectivity. The tablet has 1 port Apple didn’t even put in a headphone jack USB-C for charging and, I guess, potential docks And, on the topic of docking, there is support for the Apple Pencil 2 For internal specs, we get the A15 Bionic Chip, which is fast, really fast It’s the processor in the iPhone 13 and it’s great Here are the benchmarks to prove it For storage, The iPad Mini starts with 64GB, which is not a lot But, given that this is an entry-level tablet, You probably won’t be storing too much on it Right? It’s not like you’re going to be taking photos on it Right? Well, speaking of photos, if you do want to take pictures on the iPad Mini… You absolutely can This tablet actually has a good camera with flash I don’t know, but I’m impressed So, let’s talk about this tablet I’ve said this before, but I want to stress that there are FOUR different iPads on the market right now So, focus on product-consumer fit Please Don’t buy something you don’t need or want Especially since the higher-end models are just a couple hundred dollars more than the lower-tier options, It can be tempting, but, please don’t spend money on something you don’t need. So, who should buy this iPad Well, let me ask you Who would benefit from a small tablet? Probably kids! Think about it The tablet is small, so it can fit in kids’ hands, and it isn’t so productivity-focused Even still, it’s obviously not just for kids The iPad Mini is a great content-consuming device Want to watch a quick article on the go? Gotchu! The iPad Mini is so portable, yet big enough to be able to enjoy your article content And its nice design and screen definitely aid in that purpose So if you’re looking for a tablet for media consumption, or for your kid, who will probably be doing that plus playing games, absolutely consider the iPad Mini It’ll be worth it if you have the cash However, if it’s too expensive, perhaps consider watching my iPad Mini vs iPad 9 comparison article But, ultimately, all of this is your decision based on your preferences .