LEAKED Nintendo Switch Pro | OLED Screen?

hello everyone and welcome to tech of the week this is a tear down of the m1 ipad pro you can see the new xdr display with its mini leds it looks neat during its sixth flight nasa’s mars drone ingenuity lost control mid-air caused by a glitch that interfered with its ability to adjust its flight it started moving in different directions despite this ingenuity was able to regain control and land safely close to its landing zone nvidia released its new rtx 3080 ti on june 3rd it features 12 gigabytes of gddr6 xv ram and 10 240 cuda cores boasting 1.5 times more performance than the rtx 2080 ti it costs 1 199 unfortunately it sold out immediately after release however you do have another chance at a new gpu on june 10th nvidia will release the rtx 3070 ti that is claimed to perform 1.5 times better than the rtx 2070 super for 599 dollars try your best not to miss out on this one the american heart association found that the magsafe magnet of the iphone 12 pro max specifically can impact those with hard pacemaker devices the magnet can change the rate of the medical implant and inhibit its effectiveness harming the patient if you have an iphone 12 and an implanted pacemaker or anything similar check out the article in the description this is the zte axon 30 ultra it features the snapdragon 888 processor a 144hz display a big camera system and a large 4600 milliamp hour battery unfortunately the screen is 1080p however with all these features that might be negligible a study published by nature communication found that ultra high density hard disk drives or hdds with graphene can store far more data than our current state-of-the-art options according to the researchers the increases up to 10 times as much storage density this is a 3d printed water pump designed by connor benson it is made to be attached to a 2-liter soda bottle and a drill check out this incredible article linked down in the description for the rumor of the week on june 3rd a french retailer displayed the nintendo switch pro it could feature an oled screen for 399 euros or about 486 us dollars here’s hoping for better performance too lastly apple’s worldwide developers conference or wwdc 2021 is scheduled for june 7th at 10 a.m pacific standard time it is assumed that the next ios and mac os updates will be announced along with other things such as new features for m1 thanks for reading if you’d like any tech covered contact me via this email all the sources are linked down below and check out the other cool articles that i have in the description have a wonderful day