iPad Air 5 VS Galaxy Tab S8 | Make it Simple

Alright, Apple vs Samsung The iPad Air 5 vs Galaxy Tab S8 Which is best for you? Well, as always, we’ll first go over the specs and then talk about who these devices are best for So, let’s go over the raw stats First, let’s talk about the externals The iPad Air 5 is Apple’s well-rounded speedy tablet that starts at $600 While the Galaxy Tab S8 is Samsung’s alternative starting at $100 more But, comes with its stylus in the box While, for the iPad, its stylus will be an extra $100 So, so far, they’re pretty similar Let’s keep going For the form factor, both devices are fairly similar in size, with the iPad being 10.9 inches and the Tab being 11 There isn’t really too much of a noticeable difference in sizing here But for screens, there’s a clear winner The Galaxy Tab sports an adaptive 120Hz display, meaning movements on the screen will look faster and smoother And Apple does have this feature It’s called Pro Motion in its premium line of iPads, the iPad Pros But, it does not come with the iPad Air And for connectivity, with tablets, this isn’t usually too much of a concern You really just need a USB port, a headphone jack, and oh wait… Oh, lord Yeah, neither device comes with a headphone jack But, the Tab does sport a MicroSD card slot over the iPad Air’s just single USB-C So, yeah, it does edge out the Apple tablet Now for the styluses, like I said, The Tab S8 does come with the S Pen in the box while the iPad Air is purchased separately And with that out of the way, both styluses are very effective for any kind of work So, there’s no need to worry about either of them And for the cameras, this is quite the interesting battle For the front, both devices sport 12 megapixel cameras with center-framing features But for the back, although the iPad Air has a single 12 megapixel camera, The Tab S8 has two lenses, a wide and an ultra-wide So for versatility sake, the Tab has the slight edge And so for the external summary, while the iPad Air has a better price, the Tab S8 has a better screen, connectivity, an included stylus, and camera system Now, you might think that this is kind of one-sided, but you wait right here Let’s move on to the internals For the internal specs, the iPad Air blows the competition out of the water with its M1 Chip Heck, it isn’t even much of a competition The Tab S8 sports the SnapDragon 8 Gen 1, which is a great processor But, just look at the benchmarks They’re both good, but the iPad is much better So, if you want a powerhouse, the iPad Air is your tablet Now for storage, neither device is great in this category Dare I say even okay The iPad Air comes with 64 gigabytes, which is not great And the Tab comes with 128, which is actually fairly acceptable for a tablet But still a little low in my opinion For batteries, both devices are very respectable and effective for many users The iPad air runs for an average of 10 hours while the Tab S8 runs for an average of 12 Both are good, but the Tab’s a little bit better And for device protection, each device has its own security features, which are both very effective And lastly for the, arguably, most important feature of both devices, the operating systems The iPad Air 5 uses iPadOS while the Tab S8 uses Android, which, frankly, are both fine operating systems and they do their jobs well But, each has its own quirks, like Samsung DeX with the Tab S8 which turns the tablet into a somewhat laptop So the winner depends on which operating system you prefer And that’s what my verdict will talk about More on that in a minute And for the internal summary, the iPad Air has far faster internal specs, while the Tab S8 has a better storage capacity and battery life So now that we’ve gotten the raw stats out of the way and seen which devices has the better specs, which one is best for you? Well, that’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer It’s not always about specs, despite them being compared first, It’s more about you Let me explain Here’s how I’d choose the tablet for myself After researching and checking out these devices, I would, personally, get the iPad Air 5 because I’m more accustomed to the Apple ecosystem and it fits my needs better And, boom, that’s how you do it Look at your needs for a device and see what fits them best For instance, if I was in the market for another tablet, I would make sure it can work and accommodate my current work schedule and that it works with my current tech ecosystem, In this case, primarily Apple So, the iPad is the best bet for me But in a different universe where I have a primarily Android setup, I mean even in this current one, I do have the Note 10, but I mean having the Galaxy Watch, the Buds, etc., Then, yeah, I’d get the Tab The point is you need to figure out which one fits your setup the best and which one you’re more accustomed to The raw stats are a great way to compare the components of the devices But at the end of the day, you’re the decision maker not the specs The stats only give the superficial qualities of the devices The real nuance comes from you and your needs So, I suggest you figure out your operating system of choice, either iPadOS or Android, and get the tablet that comes with that So if you want a tablet with iPadOS, get the iPad Air 5 But if you want an Android-friendly device, get the tab S8 And that’s how you choose your next tablet My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day Peace.