Good and Bad – the NEW iPad 10 & M2 iPad Pro

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Okay So, Apple just announced two new tablets that are fairly controversial, so we’re going to talk about them This is the Good & the Bad of the iPad 10 and the M2 iPad Pro Let’s go over the raw stats First, let’s talk about the iPad 10. Here are the raw stats: We get a new redesign that’s fairly akin to the iPad Air with squared-off sides and no more home button, which is a surprise Because the leaks originally said we’d see the old screen and home button, but no Full redesign with new colors Plus, a new keyboard case sold separately And with this redesign, we get a new landscape camera placement, which is much better for FaceTime and Zoom calls by having the camera on the longer side of the tablet But despite its functionality, in my opinion, however, it does look a little wonky But either way, thankfully, we’ve switched to USB-C And there are a few smaller neat things added as well, which is quite nice In fact, we do get quite a few good new features with this device, but also some questionable bad ones, starting with connectivity So, we did switch to USB-C, but we did not switch to the Apple Pencil 2, Which means, yes, we’re still stuck with this: “Oh my God” But instead for this year this year, it’s got a dongle to connect with… Okay And on top of that, sadly, we did get a price hike Up from $330, the new iPad 10 for the entry level model costs $450 with so little storage Which is, ugh, not great On one hand, yeah, it does make sense that Apple would increase the price given that it’s got a new redesign and new features, such as the new processor and also because of… inflation But on the other hand, that’s a really big jump that we’re not used to And might be too much for some users Thankfully, though, the company is still selling the iPad 9 for now Let’s now switch gears and talk about the new iPad Pro, which got a nice update The M1 iPad Pro was already a fantastic tablet, but the M2 version added more features to that at the same starter price We get the new super duper speedy M2 Chip which is great But, its usefulness will depend on the programs we can run Which, thankfully, the iPad will be getting more app support, such as with DaVinci Resolve So, more programs will take advantage of this processor Nice job, Apple And on top of that, we’ve got a few new quality of life features, such as better integration with the Apple Pencil with greater sensitivity and WIFI 6E So, yeah, it’s the M1 iPad Pro but more With, admittedly, many of its new touted features actually just coming from iPadOS 16, notably Now, I already know that there’s some disappointment with this device It’s nothing crazy to draw hype or get anybody too excited about And on top of that, it will probably have a price increase for some countries, so it’s actually not the same for everyone Which means why bother? And, yeah, for some people, is it even worth it? Which leads me to my perspective Let’s get onto my verdict Right off the bat, it’s clear why Apple did not make a whole event for the new iPads Although both upgraded, the new tablets are not really groundbreaking for most people They’re nice, they’re cool. But, that’s where things kinda stop Much of the innovation was already expected And Apple really didn’t put that much spectacle into it unlike with iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island, which is actually a shame because the M2 Chip in the iPad Pro is a big deal But with these iPads, are they even worth the upgrade? Well, that definitely depends on who’s asking But putting aside some of the disappointment that many of us have felt, eh, probably If you really need an iPad badly and these cover all your boxes, then, yeah, they’re worth it But, again, they need to cover your boxes And they also need to justify you just not buying the previous generation, which, for the regular iPad, is $120 less So, that’s the big question to ask yourself Do they cover your needs and are they worth it? But all in all, I gotta say I do like these iPads I like the new redesign, I like the new colors, and I appreciate the M2 Chip for the Pro model Yeah, it’s nothing too flashy, but when has the iPad really been that flashy, you know? That doesn’t mean that I’m not disappointed in the price increases But, it’s just that I think it’s still good tech that will be adopted by the masses in good time once we get a few sales down the road So, yeah, those are my thoughts But, what do you think? Do you think they’re worth it? Let me know in the comment section down below And if you’d like to learn more, I’ve linked articles about both these devices down in the description My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day! Peace.