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Alright, Steam Deck vs OLED Switch Let’s go over the raw stats: For pricing, We’ve got 3 models for the Steam Deck: $400, $530, and $650, while the OLED Switch costs $350 For size, The Steam Deck is 11.7 inches in length, 4.6 inches in height, and ~2 inches in thiccness. In other words, a Nintendo Switch plus 2.3 inches in length, a Switch plus 0.6 inches in height, and a Nintendo switch plus 1.5 inches in thiccness For displays, Both consoles have 7 inch screens The Steam Deck has a slightly higher resolution than the new Nintendo Switch, but The OLED Nintendo Switch’s main feature is Organic LED, meaning better color accuracy and higher brightness. For connectivity, The Steam Deck has one USB-C, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a MicroSD card slot The OLED Nintendo Switch takes that up a notch by adding 3 extra USB ports on its dock. Both of these devices can be used on larger screens, but the Steam Deck, when docked, can turn into a full-fledged gaming PC That is super cool It uses Linux, but it can also run any other operating system that you want, such as Windows! For internal specs, the Steam Deck is okay It uses an AMD APU that will be fine for portable gaming and will probably be alright for gaming on a PC. Meanwhile, the OLED Nintendo Switch uses the NVIDIA Tegra chip found in the original Switch from 2017 Meaning, you’re using 4 year old tech in a new release. It’s alright but not great for 2021 For RAM, The Steam Deck has 16GB of super speedy memory. Impressive. The OLED Switch has 4GB just like the original Now, for storage, The starter model of the Steam Deck has 64GB of eMMc, while the more expensive options have 256GB and 512GB of NVMe storage eMMc is a slower storage drive than NVMe, and I question how much you can save on 64GB But, rest assured, the original Switch has 32GB and the new OLED Switch comes with 64GB and they seem to be doing just fine because of that MicroSD card slot that the Steam Deck also has Lastly, for games The Steam Deck can possibly play your entire Steam library while the OLED Switch plays mostly Nintendo exclusives plus some third party games as well. So, Steam Deck = Nintendo Switch killer? Honestly, Maybe ? I don’t know. Nintendo may have dropped the ball on their OLED model by making it the same console as before, just with a bigger screen, but many people have other reasons for buying the Switch besides the tech For instance, the exclusives There are always new tech releases that are marketed as “killers” of other products, whether they are or are not, but I feel like there’s still a big market for the Switch, increased competition or not And, even if the OLED Switch does perform worse because of the announcement of the Steam Deck, Nintendo will find a way to fix it. It’s been around for a long time; it can probably survive. And, at the end of the day, you speak with your wallet. If you like the Steam Deck, buy it, tell your friends about it, go support it! Conversely, if you don’t like the OLED Switch, don’t buy it Now, of course, this needs to be done on a macro scale to make great change, and the scalpers will definitely buy it out initially But, if we don’t buy from those scalpers and Nintendo, itself, the decrease in demand will definitely reach the higher-ups in the company and maybe that’ll prompt them to release that Switch Pro that everyone’s been asking for Now, what would I rather buy? Well, frankly, I’d like to buy both I like them a lot But, I would love to play Super Smash Bros, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and Garry’s Mod on a portable console That sounds super cool But, if I can only choose one, I think I’d get the Steam Deck right now it’s a console that can be transported fairly easily anywhere, and then, once connected to a console, morphs into an entire PC Which means it doesn’t have to just be for gaming It can be used to do work as well And that’s super rad tech I love that kind of innovation And I’m really interested in what the reviewers will have to say about it Will the Steam Deck be good? Or will it just be another fad like the Steam Box? Only time will tell. If you’d like to see other articles about this topic, I’ve linked many more down in the description to watch at your discretion Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day!