5 Best Everyday Carry Items Every College Student Needs – 2022 Guide

So, student everyday carry What should you bring? Well, coming from a typical in-debt college student, this will be fairly simple I’m going over pretty much everything you need on a daily basis, which, frankly, isn’t a lot Because, remember, your objective in college will oftentimes just be getting out of that door and going to class as fast as possible So, before we begin, I need you to remember this before selecting your everyday carry: “It’s not what I want. It’s what I need.” “It’s not what I want. It’s what I need.” Only the essentials Okay, let’s go So, number one is a phone Right, so this one is kind of obvious, but you’ll definitely need something to contact people with, network, etc And this will be your daily driver for that So, get something standard I recommend an iPhone, especially for your typical universities Because you might not want to be known as that guy with green text But if you’re someone who doesn’t care, more power to you I rock the Note 10 which is cool and rad And has the added bonus of acting like a functional notepad But, know that some people might get turned off by those green text messages But, one thing that can remedy that is a big fat wallet, which, in my case, is this: I, personally, don’t take a lot of cash with me ever And, honestly, I would recommend keeping it pretty light in the pockets, especially when you’re going through your regular schedule You don’t want anything weighing you down This whole college EDC thing should be focused on keeping things efficient, so you can get out of your room in 5 minutes or less, which you should lock every time you leave Nothing crazy here either Just a lanyard with my keys that I store next to my glasses But, I have that little clip here that I attach to my pants for that extra security Now, the watch Okay, honestly, I don’t even need or wear one that often So, yeah, it’s more like a “kinda what I want in this situation and not necessarily what I need.” This watch, in fact, just ran out of battery this past month, and I don’t really care to fix it yet But, anyway, a watch is nice and convenient to have as something you can use to check the time because you might be running late on your lecture or you’re checking the time on your date or something So, yeah, I get you I recommend, again, something simple and economical If you want a classic, get a Seiko, which is pretty affordable as far as watches go You can also get the Apple Watch, which will go great with that iPhone So, get yourself a watch if you want one Now going back to the needs again, the last one is the Big Momma: The backpack Right, so this thing represents peak performance: sleek, angular, compartmentalized, and with enough space to fit a microphone inside Yeah, so all jokes aside, you just need a good backpack This article isn’t sponsored, but I use JanSport which can carry many of my books Look at this. It can handle my textbooks, the Mac, the iPad, etc So, now let’s do a lift test… Oh, lord But, frankly, you just need something that can carry the weight of a few textbooks and is not too big or cumbersome to put on, so any of these: In this backpack, all I really bring is my laptop and iPad in a case sleeve Plus, like I said, minimalist, a couple pens, pencils, and my Apple Pencil And, sometimes, I might not even bring all of those But, I do bring a water bottle for that hydration But, that’s the whole backpack situation The reason why I keep it pretty empty in general is because of the textbooks During undergrad, in particular, I had to bring textbook after textbook and the occasional lab notebook Keeping the backpack light, in general, allows you to have some good room for your class necessities, which, depending on your major, could be pretty heavy So, keep things light in there, and you’ll be good to go And those were my everyday carry items as a former undergrad and even a current grad student For college students, money and time are tight, so you want to be a stickler with those two Be strict with what you bring, how much money you spend on them, and your time in general You don’t want to waste anything in college. So, make it simple, right? And, with that said, if you have any other EDC items you’d like to bring up, feel free to do so in the comment section down below My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster,” just take out the “ter” Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day! Peace.