2022 LG Gram 16 2-in-1 – Everything You Need to Know

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Before we begin, I’d like to apologize in advance My wisdom tooth pain means that I’ll be dying more and more throughout the article, so I hope you find some humor from this or some entertainment from my suffering because the show must go on Alright, we are going over an incredibly light and premium 2-in-1 laptop This is the LG Gram 16 2-in-1 Let’s go over the raw stats The Gram 16 2-in-1 is LG’s premium tablety laptop starting at a price of $1,500 But if you look online, you’ll most certainly find it for cheaper than that We’re going to talk about it with the retail price in mind But, yeah, it’s got some good sales Now, how about that form factor?

The LG Gram prides itself with being extremely light and it is Being around 3 pounds, the laptop is very portable And as a result, comparable to other ones at this price point It is one of the lightest 16-inch laptops out there However at this price point, there are also a couple of other features that many would’ve liked to see We’ll talk about this in a little bit Anyway, the laptop comes with a very solid resolution and great screen overall Plus, it’s got some super thin bezels to boot, and, since it’s a 2-in-1, can be used in either laptop or tablet mode So, you’ve got some great versatility with this device And speaking of versatility, LG pairs this laptop with its own stylus Which comes included in the box Wow.

Nice job, LG The stylus is very effective, using Wacom’s Active 2.0 technology, which is by the company that makes professional digital styluses So, this one will be good for most users Let’s keep going Connectivity This laptop’s actually okay in this regard Now factoring in the starter price, I mean, yeah, not really, not really that good, but it comes with a few ports that will cover your needs But as usual for most laptops, needs more USBs And for the laptop camera, it’s 1080P, so it’s perfectly adequate for all of your needs And now, this is where things get a little bit… convoluted There are many different internal spec configurations with this laptop Because, as is typical for Windows laptops, there are just so many options, which can be a little confusing for consumers This is where Apple takes the cake with its M1 naming No one’s getting that mixed up with M2 Anyway.

I’m going to stick with this configuration: Which is the 2022 model It sports one of the newest Intel processors available, The 12th Gen CPUs, which will provide great performance for this laptop Although a dedicated GPU would’ve been nice, too, especially at this price point But anyway, here are the benchmarks: And now for storage, again, a little bit convoluted But, typically the laptop will sport 512 gigabytes up to 2 terabytes with some actually not bad price increases This is something I’m genuinely surprised about LG is not charging much for storage So, if you find this laptop for a good price, definitely check it out at a higher storage spec You might be pleasantly surprised And, lastly, the laptop runs Windows 11 So, what do I think of this LG laptop.

Well firstly, LG, you gotta get your website game up Like I said, most Windows laptops have a ton of different options for consumers But, you need to make sure they’re advertised properly for them to be chosen You can have the world’s greatest laptop But if no one knows about it, no one’s buying it So, that’s one thing Try to improve your website UI to be more streamlined But, what about the laptop itself? Well like I said, it’s actually pretty good, especially when on sale In regards to things I really like, its portability’s fantastic And its camera is good, plus the display resolution and size are solid But for things I’m not fond of, the connectivity could be improved upon And the starter price is a bit too high Plus, it could use a dedicated GPU at that starter price And in addition to those.

here are some other small user complaints that I’ve also heard about: People have also complained about its screen wobble, fingerprint-sensitive chassis, and very thin-bendable frame that makes it look less premium And on top of that, some thermal issues here and there Which, yeah, are not great. Some things for you to consider But, those are pretty small On the flip side, though, many people have talked about the convenience of LG’s included device maintenance program, LG Smart Assistance In addition, many people like the fingerprint reader And also a very interesting feature called LG Glance, which tracks your eyes to prevent onlookers from catching what’s on your screen Neat feature Most certainly useful for some, but only you could decide if it’s right for you And with that said, who should buy this laptop? Well put simply.

the one whose needs are best served with it If this laptop covers everything you need out of a portable, premium, 2-in-1 laptop, absolutely buy it It’s all those things plus more But if it doesn’t, there are many others in this form factor that you can check out as well So, overall, yeah, it’s a pretty good laptop for its users You just gotta figure out if you’re one of them My name is Cyrus. It’s spelled like “Cyrus,” pronounced like “See Rooster, just take out the “ter” Thank you very much forreading and have a wonderful day! Peace. Whew That is painful I’m good, though; I’m good I’m always good.